Farmington Valley homeowners know their best choice for quality construction and renovation is the Valley's own Spargo Construction. Whether you need a trusted general contractor for a new home or a builder with the eye of an architect for a renovation, addition, new kitchen remodel or bathroom upgrade, the choice for quality, value and experience is Spargo. Make your new living space an energy-efficient masterpiece, from the roofing to the floors and everything in between. A Spargo space is a space you'll love to live with.

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  • Kitchen


    Thinking about a kitchen remodel that won't leave you sick to your stomach?
    Think about doing it right with Spargo.

  • Bathroom


    Thinking about bringing your bathroom up to date in the near future?
    Think about doing it right with Spargo.

  • Additions


    Thinking about expanding or adding on to create more usable living space?
    Think about doing it right with Spargo.

  • Decks & Patios


    Thinking about expanding your outdoor living experience with a deck or patio?
    Think about doing it right with Spargo.

    Deck and Patio
  • New Homes


    Thinking about building a new home?
    Think about doing it right with Spargo.

    New Homes

Howard Spargo was a great choice as the General Contractor for our major expansion/remodel project. He combines strong construction skills with excellent finish carpentry work and a very good attention to aesthetic concerns. He was approachable, flexible and responsive to change throughout our process. The result is a home that is well built, comfortable, and beautiful. And he did it with respect for our family as we continued to live in the house throughout the construction. Were we to take on an additional project, our first call would be to Spargo Construction.
David J. Ingram
January 2008