Meet our General Contractor

I’m Howard Spargo, of Spargo Construction. After a decade in the building trade, I had seen enough disappointed homeowners and homebuyers to know there was something wrong with the way things were done in the construction industry. With a common-sense approach, straightforward honesty, high quality, and a commitment to listening to customers, I knew I could do better.

I was right. Our very first addition showcased the Spargo commitment to quality. This project immediately lead to our next home addition in West Hartford, which was added to the city’s prestigious house and garden tour as an example of fine design and workmanship. Within a year, our approach had caught on and we had outgrown the home office. Today, from our headquarters on Waterville Road in Avon, we crisscross Connecticut, building and renovating homes people love to live in. Our reputation has also carried us to neighboring Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Fishers Island to handle requests and referrals from happy customers.

Working directly with our customers, we turn their ideas into living spaces – with an individualized flair that is a unique reflection of their tastes and personalities. From molding combinations, custom moldings and glass to function-focused floor plans, distinct building materials and even post and beam construction – we do it all.

Our reputation for quality, practicality and imagination has also brought us into the world of light commercial construction. We have designed, built and outfitted dental offices, animal hospitals, doctors’ offices, and retail spaces. Because the Spargo attention to detail that makes homes more livable, also makes healthcare and retail spaces more comfortable and successful.

Your choices when building or renovating can be mind-boggling. Trust the experience, commitment and understanding of Spargo to turn your dreams into a home, sweet home.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Howard Spargo
Spargo Construction of Connecticut, LLC